7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

As every good community manager knows, getting more likes and interactions (comments, shares) guarantees greater visibility for a Facebook page. Though you shouldn’t become a caricature of the perfect community manager, as we saw earlier, it is important to be aware of some good practices in order to maximize the impact of your Facebook communication…

1: Format to Use

As a general rule, photos generate the most commitment. On average, photos obtain 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and an 84% higher click rate than other formats.

2: Be Succinct

Most people are on Facebook for entertainment. Forget about long texts. Instead, use short posts with fewer than 80 characters if possible. If you wish to give more details about the information, publish it on your blog and share it on Facebook with an effective quote that has fewer than 80 characters.

3: Ask Questions

It’s pretty logical: posts that are questions obtain up to two times more comments. So don’t hesitate to ask your fans their opinion on subjects about your theme.

4: Post at the Right Time

Traffic peaks on Facebook around 3 pm, 11 am, and 8 pm. Pay special attention to these times of day. Facebook now offers page editors statistics about their subscribers’ peak connection times. Study these statistics so you can publish your posts at the right time.

5: Use Wednesdays

Wednesday is the day of the week with the highest audience. If you have important communications to share, do so on this day.

6: Be Consistent

Posting once or twice a day increases commitment by 40%.

7: Study Your Community’s Habits

Don’t just trust these general good practices. Study your community and its habits; test different post formats and frequencies, and draw your own conclusions.

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